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Financial Management Financial Management

SRM personnel are fully acquainted with a wide range of financial management tools, such as the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (N-ERP) system and the Computer Optimized Batch Reconciliation Application (COBRA). SRM Financial Managers use these, and several other financial management systems, to perform a wide range of financial management tasks, such as:

Creating and tracking Network/Activity (NWA) numbers

Analyzing “Planned vs. Actual” costs

Calculating out year program/project funding for Latest Revised Estimates (LREs) and Annual Business Plans (ABPs) estimates

Performing detailed cost projections

Compiling and reviewing Task Books, Task Statements and Work Packages

Assisting in the acceptance of Reimbursable funds and Direct Cite funds

Tracking and processing the receipt of funding documents

Preparing financial expenditure reports for program personnel and sponsors

Submitting/revising Task Plans, leading to the creation of project budgets for each Fiscal Year (FY)

Responding to data calls