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Still Photography

SRM Photographers complete both on-location and in-studio photography assignments. Forms of in-studio photography produced by SRM personnel include formal portraits, hardware photos and travel documentation photos. Unlike in-studio photography, on-location photography assignments are not completed in a stable, controlled work environment. Examples of on-location photography assignments completed by SRM personnel include high-speed component and system test photography, aerial photos, underwater photos and special event photos.

Image Manipulation

SRM Photographers utilize sophisticated image manipulation software to edit and enhance photographs. Through years of experience and extensive training, the SRM photography team is adept at correcting color tones, eliminating defects, removing glare, adjusting backgrounds, and producing a variety of complex digital effects for our customers.


SRM Photographers provide a full-range of analog and digital videography services to our customers. In addition to videotaping meetings, trainings and other special events, SRM Photographers also offer post-production services, such as video editing, voice-over insertion and titling.