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Features and Benefits

SRM-developed software and database products are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Through the provision of customized data-management solutions, SRM streamlines our clients’ data entry processes and minimizes the probability of human error.

The creation of custom software and database solutions often requires SRM Developers to come in contact with our clients’ proprietary information. SRM personnel recognize the importance of protecting our clients’ intellectual property, and always handle our clients’ sensitive information with absolute discretion.

SRM’s software and database packages are designed with our clients’ future in mind; every software and database project undertaken by SRM is structured to accommodate the growth of our clients’ businesses. This provision eliminates the need to make future modifications to the originally-delivered product, thereby saving our customers both time and money.

Development Technology

SRM utilizes industry-standard environments and frameworks to develop applications and databases for our clients. Programming technologies routinely employed by SRM Developers include, but are not limited to: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Basic, C++, C#, and Java. SRM’s use of the aforementioned technologies presents a number of advantages, in that the resultant SRM-developed applications and databases will:

Interface well with complementary products

Effectively thwart security threats

Operate on a variety of hardware configurations

Provide comprehensive documentation of software developed